Estelle’s Story

Estelle draws inspiration and purpose from her eclectic and ever-evolving collection of life experiences. She grew up in Minneapolis, MN, and has also lived in Costa Rica, the UK, and Austria, interspersed with lots of international travel. She holds a BA in English (Creative Writing, 2010), a BS in Neuroscience (2015), and a PhD in Computer Science (2020), along with three years of experience at San Francisco tech start-ups between degrees and freelance side gigs in Science Writing. She has bicycled across the USA, run a marathon, scaled cliffs, and dreams of someday kayaking the Amazon.

In Estelle’s professional day-to-day, she is a passionate researcher, communicator, and educator. She is deeply grateful and humbled to participate in collaborative engagements with impactful organizations such as non-profit organizations like CaringBridge and the Wikimedia Foundation, and companies like Reddit. In her personal day-to-day, she is obsessed with rock climbing, skiing, mountain biking, camping and hiking adventures all across the Front Range.

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