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C. Estelle Smith, Hannah Miller-Hillberg, and Zachary Levonian. “Thoughts & Prayers” or “❤️ & 🙏”: How the Release of New Reactions on CaringBridge Reshapes Supportive Communication During Health Crises. CSCW 2023. (ArXiv preprint)

C. Estelle Smith. Ethical Training for the ChatGPT Future. Graduate Research and Discovery Symposium (GRADS) at Colorado School of Mines. April 6, 2023. (Slides)

Joshua Nunziato, C. Estelle Smith, Heather Fester, and Helen Davies. Ethics of ChatGPT Workshop. February 10, 2023 at University of Colorado Boulder, Leeds School of Business. Funded by the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Collegiate Program (DFEICP). (Slides)


C. Estelle Smith, Irfanul Alam, Chenhao Tan, Brian C. Keegan, and Anita Blanchard. The Impact of Governance Bots on Sense of Virtual Community: Development and Validation of the GOV-BOTs Psychometric Scale. CSCW 2022. (Download from ACM | local copy (no paywall) | short blog )

Charles Chuankai Zhang, Mo Houtti, C. Estelle Smith, and Loren Terveen. Working for the Invisible Machines or Pumping Information into an Empty Void? An Exploration of Wikidata Contributors’ Motivations. CSCW 2022. (Download from ACM | local copy (no paywall))

C. Estelle Smith. What are people really seeking when they’re looking for health information on Reddit? Workshop paper for Information-Seeking, Finding Identity: Exploring the Role of Online Health Information in Illness Experience. CSCW 2022.  (local copy)

C. Estelle Smith. A Memorandum on Sacranet at the turn of the 22nd Century: Where We Were & What We Are Now. Speculative Design Fiction (short story) for NordiCHI Workshop: Co-Imagining Participatory Design in Religious and Spiritual Contexts. Aarhus, Denmark. October 2022. (

C. Estelle Smith. Sacred Be Thy Tech: Thoughts (& Prayers) on Integrating Spirituality in Technology for Health & Wellbeing. ACM Interactions Magazine. July-August 2022. (Download from ACMlocal copy)

C. Estelle Smith, Diana Freed, and Susan O’Conner-Von. How Can Technology Better Support Spiritual Care? Guidance and Future Innovations for Spiritual Care in the Aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Workshop at the Spiritual Care Association 2022: Caring for the Human Spirit Conference. March 30, 2022. ( slides | abstract )


C. Estelle Smith, William Lane, Hannah Hillberg, Daniel Kluver, Loren Terveen, and Svetlana Yarosh. Effective Strategies in Crowd-Powered Cognitive Reappraisal Systems: A Field Deployment of the Flip*Doubt Web Application for Mental Health. CSCW 2021. Best Paper Honorable Mention Award (Top 5% of submissions). (Download from ACM | local copy (no paywall) | short blog

C. Estelle Smith, Avleen Kaur, Katie Z. Gach, Loren Terveen, Mary Jo Kreitzer, and Susan O’Conner-Von. 2021. What is Spiritual Support and How Might It Impact the Design of Online Health Communities?  CSCW 2021. ( Download from ACM | local copy (no paywall) | short blog

Avleen Kaur, C. Estelle Smith, and Loren Terveen. Sway Together, Stay Together: Visualizing Spiritual Support Networks Through the SoulGarden Prototype. CSCW 2021 Poster. (Download from ACM | local copy (no paywall))


Ph.D. Dissertation Defense. December 18, 2020. Beyond Social Support: Spiritual Support as a Novel Design Dimension in Sociotechnical Systems. ( Download Dissertation | Watch Recording of Thesis Defense )

C. Estelle Smith, Zachary Levonian, Haiwei Ma, Robert Giaquinto, Gemma Lein-Mcdonough, Zixuan Li, Susan O’Conner-Von, and Svetlana Yarosh. 2020. “I Cannot Do All of this Alone”: Exploring Instrumental and Prayer Support in Online Health Communities. Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction (ToCHI). (Download from ACM | local copy (no paywall) | short blog )

C. Estelle Smith, Bowen Yu, Anjali Srivastava, Aaron Halfaker, Loren Terveen, and Haiyi Zhu. 2020. Keeping Community in the Loop: Understanding Wikipedia Stakeholder Values for Machine Learning-Based Systems. Proc. CHI 2020. (Acceptance Rate: 24.3%)  Best Paper Honorable Mention Award (Top 5% of submissions). (Download from ACM | local copy (no paywall) | short blog )

C. Estelle Smith, Eduardo Nevarez, and Haiyi Zhu. 2020. Disseminating Research News in Human-Computer Interaction: Perceived Hazards, How-To’s, and Opportunities for Innovation. Proc. CHI 2020. (Acceptance Rate: 24.3%) (Download from ACM) | local copy (no paywall))

Sarah A. Gilber, Casey Fiesler, Lindsay Blackwell, Michael Ann DeVito, Michaelanne Dye, Shamika Goddard, Kishonna L. Gray, David Nemer, C. Estelle Smith. 2020. Public Scholarship and CSCW: Trials and Twitterations. CSCW2020 Workshop. (Download from ACM | local copy (no paywall))

Mark Butzer, Zachary Levonian, Yangyang Luo, Kathleen Watson, Ye Yuan, C. Estelle Smith, Svetlana Yarosh. Grandtotem: Supporting International and Intergenerational Relationships. CSCW 2020 Poster. (Download from ACM  | local copy (no paywall))


C. Estelle Smith, Xinyi Wang, Raghav Karumur, and Haiyi Zhu. 2018. [Un]breaking News: Design Opportunities for Enhancing Collaboration in Scientific Media Production. Proc. CHI 2018. (Acceptance Rate: 25.7%) Best Paper Honorable Mention Award (Top 5% of submissions). (Download from ACM | local copy (no paywall) | short blog )

Niels van Berkel, Julio Vega, Ankit Kariryaa, C. Estelle Smith, and Ye Yuan. CHI 2018 Conference Report. IEEE Pervasive Computing, vol. 17, no. 03, pp. 58-63, Jul., 2018. (Download from IEEE | local copy (no paywall))


Haiwei Ma, C. Estelle Smith, Lu He, Saumik Narayanan, Robert A. Giaquinto, Roni Evans, Linda Hanson, and Svetlana Yarosh. 2017. Write for Life: Persisting in Online Health Communities with Expressive Writing and Social Support. CSCW 2017. (Download from ACM | local copy (no paywall) | short blog

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